Devaduuta Panna Asana or Fallen Angel pose is my favorite inversion! It is also one of those poses that is easier to do than it looks. If you can do side crow, the rest will come easily with just a little bit of arm strength and a little bit more of core strength. As I demonstrate in the video, I start out in side crow and firmly plant both hands down. Then I tilt my head forward until the side of my head reaches the ground, although it is only lightly touching the ground for balance. Keep most of the weight on your hands, not on your head. Slowly start to bring your feet up towards the ceiling, keeping the bottom knee on the back of the elbow, and press your hands into the ground to lift your hip and the top leg up. Using core strength, your hip should no longer be resting on your other elbow, which is how the leg can extend vertically. If you need to work on your core strength to lift the hip off your elbow, you can still do this pose, but the leg may not be completely vertical. Practice and all is coming!


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